First of all, what is a virtual assistant (VA)? I like to describe it as a word processor gone wild. A VA is someone who works with clients, going for top quality support services and never have to be physically present for a clients office. VA companies are becoming more and more popular thanks to today’s engineering such as email, the Internet, on-line instant messaging, fax, phone, along with overnight delivery. Gone are the days involving offices needing their service staff in the same developing.

If you have a secretarial history or other support staff know-how and a love for computers and all of the technology it offers, after that here are ten very good main reasons why you should start your own VA small business this year.

1. Make An ongoing revenue You Can Live On

It was noted by virtual assistant trade businesses that the average full-time VA working in the US would gross regarding $39,452 annually. Now that isn’t a bad revenue!
That is the type of money you are able to live on, even if you are a single mom.

2. The Need For VA’s Is Only Going To Acquire Greater

According to the George Washington School forecast of emerging engineering, Virtual Assisting will become a new $130 Billion Industry by 2008. Thanks to our growing engineering, and the fact that it’s easier to just supplier out work to a Virtual assistant due to the fact that a business doesn’t should pay for any benefits when they out-source, such a service will only get bigger and more in demand.

3. Are you experience unfulfilled, unchallenged, and unmotivated? Is your existing corporate job beginning to feel as if a real drag?

Are you dreading getting dressed up, driving the commute to work, and working having a boss who is ungrateful and unappreciative? Can you love some parts of your job and despise other parts and desire you could do the parts you love far more? Then becoming a VA could be something you need to look into.

Four. Want to continue your skilled working life without having to leave home?
Want the flexibility to work from residence and have a better balance involving work and life?

Perhaps you’re thinking of having kids, or have had your first baby. You so want to continue your job, but you also want to spend more time with your sons or daughters. Take a good hard look on the world of a VA. Such type of home business will continue to give you the actual satisfaction of a career, whilst offering you the ability to be presently there for your kids doctor appointments, their first step, school field trips, and running them close to to after school functions.

5. Gain the ability to use people you want to work with.

Can you tend to click with some types of people more than others? With a VA business, you can come to a decision who you want your clients for being. Authors, salespeople, consultants, instructors, executives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses are just a few of the types of persons you could work with.

6. To be able to do more than just one thing.

Buying little variety in your small business? Don’t want to get stuck doing the same principle over and over again? Here is a list of are just some of the things you can do as a Virtual assistant.

Writing services (complex or creative)
Business/employee communications
Proofreading and editing, research (online or regular)
Data entry
Repository management
Message management
Bill paying
Simple web site design
Newsletter distribution
Bulk emailing
Reminder services
Event setting up
Special projects
Concierge companies
Secretarial services
Files processing/data management
Desktop publishing
Transcribing services
Mail and e mail services
Telephone/fax services
Internet companies
Purchasing services
Writing/editing companies
Marketing services
Personal companies
Santa letters
Proposal Copy writer

7. The ability to Niche by yourself.

Choose just a few of the ideas previously mentioned and take it one step further. Niche yourself. You might presently possess knowledge in a particular area. You can contact those businesses you are already acquainted with and work with them. Perhaps in the past you had worked seeing that support staff for a promoting company. If marketing will be your thing, you can let companies know that you can not only be their VA and take care of almost all their typing and database software, but that you can also use the expertise to help them market their business.

8. Use the products you already have.

If you’re reading this article, then there’s a good chance you already have your working computer, a printer, and send capabilities. Why not start placing that equipment to good work with and make some money?

9. The options between working full-time or part-time.

You don’t want to work full time, nevertheless, you need to do something to contact your own. That’s great! You’ll be your own boss; you are able to decide how much or how little you want to work.

10. Being able to say you love the method that you make money.

If just the thought of working with your computer and latest technology makes you giddy, why not generate profits doing something you love? Take hold of hold of the opportunity to make as much money as you’d like along with the ability to work from your home. You have the opportunity to decide who you want to use, the type of work you want to do you aren’t do, and your niche area. If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for a person visit *** to learn more about starting your Virtual Assistant Business.

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