Just as your mentioned above, you didn’t have a good break after you’ve taken the placebo pills.Your thickened womb lining needs to be shed, but the continuous hormone pills couldn’t have enough energy to hold back bleeding. At that time breakthrough bleeding appears,but it doesn’t mean pill stops to work. So it seemed not severe.

One thing must be noticed that you have to continue to take placebo pills around 3 months. For women suffering certain gynecological disease, for personĀ  with acne as well other kinds of health disease, there are two ways to take pills safely. One is you have to have a break after taking each pack during the period of your breakthrough bleeding. The other is to take two pack of pills without break. You have to ask for your doctor if your bleeding phenonomy can not stop after taking pills around 3 days. Anther kind of pills maybe prescribed.

On the other hand, your sodium may not keep balance inside your body because you lose lots of blood that make you feel week and dehydrated.It will be better to slow or reduce bleeding if you have V8 juice or orange juice.