How Soon Can You Take A Pregnancy Test? It’s a major query among young woman. Pregnancy test is so easy. Every woman can test their pregnancy status in a simple manner. HCG is a hormone which is extract by placenta at the time of pregnancy. It is stands for the reason of pregnancy. After implantation of fertilize egg this HCG hormone began to produce by placenta. After 6 to 12 days of ovulation this implantation is occurring. You should do pregnancy test after 7th day of ovulation. Many women get false result because they are often test between 1 to 6 days of ovulation. For best result every woman should do pregnancy test after 10 days of ovulation but do not get too late to test your pregnancy because if you test your pregnancy after 12 days of ovulation you might get negative result. After miss your period you should test your pregnancy during first day of missed period. Stated by, during first day of missed period 90 percent of woman gets positive result of pregnancy test and 10 percent of woman will get negative result even though they are pregnant. Any type of drug or alcohol addiction might do negative effect on pregnancy. Every woman should have to avoid alcohol, cigarette, and drugs. You can test your pregnancy at home. So many pregnancy test equipments are available now days. All these equipments test HCG level in urine. But you decide to buy one of these equipments you should have to know How Soon Can You Take A Pregnancy Test?

There are available two types of test like dip test and midstream test. In dip test you have to take a container with your fresh urine and dip test strip on it for specific time. And the secondly midstream test you have to hold test strip on the stream of urine. Among these tests dip test are equally more reliable test. Before taking the test read in inner instruction carefully. If you are more anxious about pregnancy you should have to consult with your doctor about it. Your doctor can suggest you to do a blood test. Also for blood test the similar method should be apply. You have to test your blood after 7 days of ovulation because HCG has not produced before implantation. So you have to go to your doctor after 7 days of ovulation..

Here we can see so many methods of pregnancy test. But most safer and easier method is to go to your doctor for test and make sure about your pregnancy.