Double chins are certainly not the best feature to possess, and usually makes people look older and more overweight than they really are. It’s, simply put, a great annoyance.

So, it’s only natural that almost everyone who realizes, all of a sudden, that they’ve been awarded with it immediately wonders how to eliminate double chin.

You can do many things to reduce facial fat—exercise, weight loss, plastic surgery, liposuction cosmetic intervention, among them.

A lot of people can get rid of their double chins very easily — they just visit a plastic surgeon and ask to have it surgically removed—from there on out, it’s simply a matter of a few hours of unconsciousness and money changing hands, for them to look as good as new.

Others, who haven’t the time, inclination, or money for going under the knife for something as trivial as a double chin, there are other ways, far less radical than plastic surgery.

Here are a few ideas about how to eliminate double chin other than with surgery: Exercise is always a good option, as it helps tone the muscles. If increased weight gain is the source of your problems, shedding the extra pounds will probably help eliminate the double chin—often, people put on weight in the facial and neck region before any other part.

Velform chin wraps are very effective in their own way, and can eliminate a double chin in weeks. This wrap is somewhat like an elastic bandage and it re-affirms the skin. The Velform wrap is used with active ingredients in a gel form, and this melts away fat and shrinks loose neck skin.

Exercises for eliminating double chin, by the way, are very simple. Just open your mouth as widely as you can, then close it. Do about twenty repetitions. Doing this will make your double chin tone up.  This simple exercise works the platysma muscle and will help reduce your double chin.

A holistic approach will help you solve the problem as well. Get some exercise beyond opening and closing your mouth—go for a half hour’s walk as well, and do your facial exercise at the same time. You may feel stupid, but it’s better than just sitting at home—your whole body is getting toned, not just your face and neck region.

If you use the clinically tested Velform wrap in addition to the exercise, you’ll definitely be able to get rid of that eyesore of a double chin, which has no business whatsoever being on your pretty face.

Know you know how to eliminate double chin. Once you’ve done so, you’ll feel and look younger, feel healthier, benefit from the new exercise and diet regime you should set up, and just enjoy life more. A little cosmetic assistance will clean up any remnants of a double chin and tighten the loose skin, restoring your confidence in your looks.

So, don’t let a double chin ruin your self-esteem and self-image. It’s easily dealt with and you only need a very few changes in order to do so.