When you are looking to get a tattoo, you might be struck by the popularity of lower back tattoo designs. They seem to be everywhere and though they are more popular among a younger crowd, there are many reasons why any fan of tattooing, no matter their age, would love to get a tattoo there.

Whether you have a design in mind, or you are looking for a lower back tattoo design that will suit you well, there are a few things that you should think about.

One reason why lower back tattoo designs are so popular is because it is simply a place where a tattoo will sit very well. Your lower back is frequently a very flat, smooth expanse of skin. It lies along the center point of your body, and if symmetry is something that you insist on for your body, it is an ideal candidate. Many people also find this to be a fairly painless area to tattoo as there is a pad of fat there that will absorb the pricks of the needle, but that will change from person to person.

Although these tattoos have always enjoyed a certain degree of popularity, the explosion in lower back tattoo designs might have something to do with trends for jeans and pants that are low slung, and, depending on the placement, will reveal part or all of the tattoo when the shirt is raised. In this respect, this tattoo is often more common among women than among men, although it is very possible to find a style that will suit almost anyone!

When you are thinking about lower back tattoo designs, think about something that will fill up the space. This is a large and attractive area to have filled, so even if it is your first, don’t think small! Due to the fact that this tattoo can be covered easily by work clothes, you’ll find that this can be a great tattoo for anyone, regardless of their job. Symmetrical tribal designs are quite lovely in this area, as are floral designs or circles.

Take some time to think about possible lower back tattoo designs before you dive in!

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