Many people in this country suffer from pain in lower left side of abdomen or back. Because the pain is only on one side of the abdomen, many doctors have trouble finding the actual cause. Many people go through years of endless visits to the doctor and the hospital, expensive rounds of testing, dangerous drugs, and treatments that do nothing to cure the problem.

However, if you know the true causes of pain, you can avoid going through these trials by choosing a treatment that addresses the true root of your problems.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Other Intestinal Problems

Pain in left lower side may be caused by problems with your gastrointestinal system, including sensitivities to certain foods or other bowel problems.

If your pain only occurs after eating certain foods and is accompanied by other symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting, this inflammation may be the cause of your problems. However, there are other causes of bowel problems. Many people have intestinal problems accompanied by pain in left lower side of back because of a muscle imbalance. If this is the case, these problems can be resolved by muscle balance therapy.

Kidney Stones

It is easy to tell if the pain in lower left side is caused by this common problem. Usually, the pain will be accompanied by other symptoms such as problems urinating and blood in the urine. Luckily, most doctors test for this problem routinely through urinalysis, and it also shows up during MRI’s and other imaging techniques.

Lower Back Problems

This is the most common cause. These back problems may range from misalignment, a herniated disc, or any other several different disorders. Regardless of the exact diagnosis, the cause is usually the same: a muscle imbalance. Just as a muscle imbalance can cause gastrointestinal problems, it can also cause spinal problems. When you treat this muscle imbalance, you will be eliminating the cause of pain in lower left side of back and therefore getting rid of the pain itself.

Muscle Imbalances

Many people misunderstand the role of muscles in the human body. They do not just aid in movement; they also provide a vital support for organs and bones. If your muscles are out of balance, even slightly, this will cause any number of physiological problems, all of which can then cause lower left back pain. Doctors tend to treat this pain with drugs, surgeries, and therapies that work with the back itself. Only by curing the muscle imbalance you can rid yourself of pain in lower left side of back for good.

Curing Muscle Imbalance

Luckily, a muscle imbalance can be treated with a simple, inexpensive, and flexible treatment, freeing you forever of all of these painful symptoms, including pain in lower left side of back. This treatment, called muscle balance therapy, is offered by a program known as “Lose the Back Pain”, which will help you determine the muscle imbalance causing your pain and treat it in a customizable program that you can do in the privacy of your own home. If you have pain in lower left side of back, you owe it to yourself and your family to reclaim your healthy, active, pain-free life by trying this innovative, effective, and affordable program.

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Back can range from being mild to severe, even stifling, and can become potentially dangerous if left untreated pain for an lengthy period of time. Some cases of back pain are so serious that the person is unable to complete their regular daily tasks and eventually their back pain begins to affect their quality of life.

This is why it is so important to properly attend to back pain, whether it is lower left back pain or pain in any other specific part of the back. The best way to address your back pain is to figure out what the cause of the pain is and then work as best as you can towards eliminating this cause from your life. In a lot of cases, however, this is not an option, for instance people who work in an office or drive around in a vehicle all day, and who need to continue doing so in order to make a living.

There are still things that you can do to relieve your back pain however, and prevent it from coming back so seriously in the future.


Remember that everyone’s case of back pain is different and so what works for one person may not work well or even at all for you. This is why you really need to treat your back pain condition as separate and individual from everyone else’s if you want to be able to properly treat your condition and relieve your back pain.

Physical therapy and exercise is the method of treatment that is usually first recommended, and a physical therapist will be assigned to you to apply a variety of treatments. Heat, ice, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and more will be used to attempt to relieve your back pain, and the therapist will also be able to work with you and teach you about the specific exercises that are going to help you to increase your flexibility and strengthen your back and neck muscles.

If your back pain condition is more serious than it may be recommended that you receive Cortisone injections. This is an anti-inflammatory medication that is injected into the space around the spinal cord and which helps to decrease any inflammation and swelling around the nerve roots, thereby relieving back pain.

It is important that you work together with your doctor if you have a back pain condition, so that they can see exactly where the problem lies and what the best method of treatment is going to be for you.