I purchased the Morphy Richards 43026 kettle at Argos for £24.99 which seemed to be about the average price for a kettle.  This model only takes 1.5L of water which is fine for us but there are several models now which take 1.7L which may make a difference to some people.

The Morphy Richards 43026 kettle has a stainless steel body with a black lid, handle and base.  Like the majority of modern kettles it is cordless and sits on a round black base.  A clear panel on the each side is marked with number of cups and acts as a visual indicator so you can see how much water is inside.  The kettle itself is round at the base and tapers slightly towards the top so looks quite squat and neat.  The base is about 15cm in diameter and the kettle (on the base) is 24cm tall.

Having unpacked the kettle from its cardboard and plastic packaging the manufacturers recommended boiling a full kettle of water and then discarding.  Filling the kettle was very straightforward; you can either pour directly into the spout which is a good size or open the lid.  The lid is opened by squeezing in a latch on the top which is very easy and does not require a lot of strength or dexterity.  The lid then flips right up making quick filling very simple.  The lid then closes with a reassuring click.

To turn the kettle on you have to return it to the swivel base and then push down the lever found under the handle at the base.  This lever also feels solid and flicks easily into the “on” position.  However there is no light showing that the kettle has been turned on.  My previous models have either had a light by the switch or the kettle has lit up inside to show that it was working.  I find this lack of a visual indicator unusual and I am not that impressed because if you are not close by the kettle you cannot see the position of the switch and I often will glance across when I am cooking to see if it has boiled yet and I cannot easily tell.

Once the kettle is turned on it boiled rapidly.  It takes less than 3 minutes to boil 1.5L of water which I think is quite quick.  The power level is 3KW and the element is concealed.  I find this very useful as I live in a hard water area and scale does build up less rapidly in flat bottomed kettles.  The noise level seems very acceptable to me, my last kettle sounded like a spaceship taking off and this one is definitely a lot quieter.

Pouring the water out of the kettle is a delight. The handle is well designed and very easy to grip.  The ergonomics allow for a comfortable pour that is easy to control.  The spout is large but designed so well that the water goes exactly where you expect in a nice steady stream.

Inside the spout there is a filter which can be removed and cleaned which makes the Morphy Richards 43026 Stainless steel kettle particularly useful in hard water areas.The outside of the kettle is very easy to keep clean, it just requires a wipe with a cloth, and I have not used any specialised cleaners on it.  I often find that my kettles get a build up of scale very quickly around the spout but the design of this one means that there is no evidence of scale on the outside of the spout even though it has been in use for about three months.

Overall I have been very pleased with this kettle.  I think it looks attractive in my kitchen and it boils rapidly and pours well.  The only thing I would prefer is if it had an obvious “on” indicator and that is really quite a small matter.