Most dinners and parties include dessert. There are many different types of desserts, but some of the most common ingredients are flour, sugar, dairy, eggs and spices. There are varieties of most of these ingredients to use if you have dietary restrictions such as dairy allergies, wheat allergies, gluten intolerance and others. 

Desserts include cakes, cookies, custards and puddings, pies, pastries, ice cream and many more. There are ingredients and recipes to make desserts for special diets. There are substitute ingredients available to replace ingredients, so people can enjoy desserts that they may not have been able to in the past. 

Some desserts require being baked, cooked on the stove and some are chilled. There are many desserts that are easy for children or novice bakers to start out with.  With experience they can advance to more detailed desserts. There are many recipe books, websites and blogs with dessert recipes of different types and experience levels. Some people think baking is too complicated, but many recipes are easy to make.  

Flour is the ingredient that gives the dessert structure. There are different types of flour such as All-Purpose flour, cake flour and gluten-free flour. Cake flour makes your cakes and other items lighter and fluffier than All-Purpose flour.  All-Purpose flour may be the one that is most widely used. 

Sugar provides the sweetness for your desserts and also provides moisture and tenderness. Other ways to gain these qualities without using sugar is by using applesauce or fruit juices. Apple juice can also be substituted for vegetable oil in many recipes. 

Eggs are important to make custard or to assist in the rising and thickening of a cake. Egg yolks add richness to desserts and egg whites act as a leavening agent. Some recipes use the entire egg and in some cases you need to separate eggs and only use either the yolk or whites. Sometimes the entire egg is used, but still needs to be separated to be used at different times or in different parts of the dessert. 

The amount of dairy used depends on what kind of dessert you are making. More milk is used in desserts such as ice cream or pudding. Other desserts, such as cakes and cookies, usually only have a small amount of milk to moisten the dry ingredients. 

Spices and extracts are a great way to add different flavors to desserts or enhance the natural flavors. Nuts and dried fruit add texture and flavor to desserts. In some cases, nuts are toasted to use as topping of desserts. 

Chocolate can either be included in desserts such as chocolate chips and chunks or topping as a frosting. Chocolate can also be used to coat homemade candy. 

Even though it may not seem necessary, salt is added to many dessert recipes to balance sweet flavors and add a contrast in flavors

There are various types of desserts but there are some common ingredients used in most of them. By making your own desserts, you are aware of the ingredients that are in them and you can adjust the flavorings and ingredients to your tastes.