The most popular desserts, not coincidentally, are also extremely easy to make. Included in the list of kid friendly, favorites are staples such as popsicles, watermelon, and apple sauce. A sure to delight, conversation maker of a dessert, is the ever popular “dirt” dessert with a clear plastic cup filled with a mix of chocolate pudding and crushed Oreo cookies and some gummy worms sticking out of the top. Kids love to pretend they are eating real worms in dirt and to observe the worms through the sides of the clear plastic cup. 

Jell-O of various colors and mixed with fruit is a crowd pleaser that is easy to make and for every age group to enjoy. Toddlers to elderly never say no to a Jell-O based dessert. Pudding is another staple, especially when mixed with something to make it a bit fancier. Children love banana pudding with some vanilla wafers or chocolate pudding with tiny marshmallows mixed in. 

Rice Krispies treats has been a popular dessert for children for decades. Melted butter and marshmallows mixed with the well-known cereal, then refrigerated, make for an easy treat, if everyone can wait that long. Similarly, chocolate chip cookies have always been a child dessert favorite but often the raw cookie dough never gets baked as kids clamor to have some just after the batter is mixed. 

Never underestimate the power of basic cupcakes as a popular children’s dessert. The simple dessert can be spruced up with colored frosting, sprinkles, M&Ms, or other candies. Ice cream, like cupcakes, is a basic favorite children’s dessert that can be enjoyed in a bowl or cone and can be embellished with candies and sprinkles, or a favorite cookie or brownie can be mixed in for added enjoyment. Children particularly react favorably to colorful desserts. Ice cream with sprinkles, easy to prepare and relatively low budget, has the sparkle that children appreciate especially to cool off on a hot day. Ice cream sundaes have similar appeal. 

Cake is a popular children’s dessert when decorated with television characters, cut into shapes, with writing for a special occasion, and when planned as part of a theme party or event. Design the cake like a hole to go along with miniature golf or create a crossword puzzle or word search with the birthday girl or boy’s favorite interests. A very popular way to decorate a plain cake is to cover it with different candies, whether to exemplify a theme, or just make the cake Willy Wonka amazing. 

Bananas covered in peanut butter, with or without nuts or raisins, take a relatively plain but tasty fruit and make a popular, fun dessert for children. Brownies with frosting added elevate the delicious dessert to a special treat. Another popular children’s fruit is strawberries. Strawberry pie or strawberry shortcake or even simply strawberries and whipped cream make an outstanding nutritional fruit into a delightful, popular dessert. 

Last, but certainly not least, no child can resist the appeal of S’Mores. Melted marshmallow, a large chuck of chocolate bar, all sandwiched between two Graham crackers, is the crème de la crème of children’s popular desserts.