My house has now been on the market for 3 months and we have had five different agents sell our house. I will visualize the following:

1. My house will sell to a family that will see in this house all of the amazing aspects that me and my husband saw. They will see that it is a great value and understand that the owner’s have taken great care of the house and the neighborhood is steller. Upon entering the house they will instantly be overwhelmed with the wonderful sounds of future family gatherings and wondrous smells coming from the kitchen.
2. The new family will decide that this is the house for them because we have planned for them, unknowingly, by keeping the house in tact, beautifully designed and with excellent upkeep to the interior and exterior of the home.
3. Me and my husband will have closure because the house has sold and we will be able to move on with our lives and close the chapter of our lives that we had lived in this home.
4. After moving cross-country, we will move into our new condo and feel as though a weight has been lifted from our shoulders. We will be in no rush to buy another home and when Spring comes we find the perfect house.
5. Me and my husband will be married 7 years come August 2008 and have not yet had children. We decided long ago that we would have children once our house sold and once we moved back to where our families reside. Now that we have moved back home, we finally settle and get pregnant.
6. This home is holding us back from many things: The ability to move, closure, financial freedom from the house, the ability to buy a new home and the stress off our minds to finally start a family.
7. The Lord has blessed us with this wonderful home which we have lived in for 3 happy years. The Lord will bless this home to a new family. The Lord has made sure that things will always fall into place and that we will always be taken care of. The Lord has blessed us with patience.
Supporting Actions:

We will continue to maintain the interior and exterior of our homes.
We will not overlook any offer made on our home.
We will offer buyers incentives for buying our home and gladly negotiate on any household items.
We will not take it personally when a buyer feels that this is not the home for them, or when we have to lower the price of the home.
Background Information:

Me and my husband have been married for nearly 7 years. We are blessed with a wonderful marriage, family and job. This home has served its purpose and we are ready to move back to our home state, which is cross-country. My husband has been travel across state since February and I just finished my BA in June. We have put a deposit and signed a lease for a place in our home state and can’t wait to move on with our lives. This house is the only thing holding us back from feeling like we have closure. We bought this house without intentions to turn a profit, we chose it because of its central location and because it is in a beautiful and safe community.