I have achieved the organization that i longed for. Actually i have reclaimed it. It feels good to know that things are where they should be, and spend half and hour trying to find something. i see here daily that people are trying to dig out of debt, get healthier, and find lasting relationships. These seem the three trends of most intentions. And as I read them, send blessings to each author I begin to wonder…why have these (wealth, health and love) become the trinity of the population? Why is it assumed that these will bring happiness? Wealth can easily be reversed when it is tied to money. Money can disappear in a minute, and bring with it fear and worry. better to quest for the wealth of knowledge, because then no matter the circumstance you have the comfort of knowledge and the thrill fo learning to brighten a day.
Health too can be reversed in a second. physical health can be and often is dashed on the rocks of illness or accident. Better to have the healthy spirit. Because no matter the physical pain, the spirit can fly you away from the places of despair.
And finally love. Let us realize that true love, is not happiness for ever. Love causes pain also. True love allows us to be empathetic. Empathy – great joy and great sorrow are yours to feels and live.
But love brought us to life and rekindles that life in all of us. Better to realize the gift- however fleeting. To embrass a gift so wonderful and respect it for the what it truly is a taste of universal wonders.
So here is this small space and I ask a question to all who wish to manifest a new ‘happiness”
what small change in you, will make you happier?
what will give you a little joy?
If you try to manifest that – you will find a deeper meaning to life.