White spots on tonsils are actually precursors of tonsil stones. Some of these spots are actually yellowish white while some are grayish white in color. It may take some time for these spots become visible on your tonsils but one single fact remains; these spots can be warning signs to an impending condition. If left untreated, these spots could possibly lead to other uncomfortable complications.

White Spots Formations

The colors of these spots are linked to the types of sediments accumulated on the tonsils. These sediments could be a combination of various small substances that have been lodging inside the tonsil crypts, which have been calcified over time. Small particles such as food remains, post nasal drip fluids, and mucus secretions are among the sediments that are usually calcified in the process. The yellow/grey color can be attributed to the white blood cells that bound these sediments together to form spots on the tonsils. Depending on the amount of white blood cells and the types of sediments, the resulting color is visible on the surfaces of the tonsils. On the other hand, these white spot formations provide two distinct advantages. First, the formations are your white blood cells hard at work. They enclose and seal the further outgrowth of microbial community inside the mouth. Second, the white spots give you proof that you have tonsil stones. Thankfully tonsil stones are easily curable with diet and special oral care. No big deal, right?

Early Diagnosis

If White spots are already present, the most ideal solution is to proceed with the necessary actions to prevent the further development of bigger tonsil stone formations. The early diagnosis of white spots is undeniably a very helpful process in treating the condition. In fact, you can diagnose yourself without having to see a medical doctor. You can certainly do this in front of a mirror. During this stage, the tonsil stones are not big enough to cause any further. However, you should considering looking into eliminating them completely through prevention.

What’s next?

Good news! There are a handful of solutions available today that you can implement at home. Our 7 Easy Steps to Eliminate Tonsil Stones guide can help you starting today! If you want professional help, expect your doctor to tell you that you should remove your tonsils. If that’s the path you wish to take, then by all means, go ahead. Let me be the on to tell you that doing so is unnecessary.  Lucky for you, tonsil stones are not dangerous in any way, they’re just a pain in the ass!!!